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Jitske Kramer

TEAM CULTURE: TRIBES OF THE FUTURE: Jitske Kramer is a corporate anthropologist. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Facilitator. Founder of HumanDimensions. Jitske travels the world in search of cultural best practices to tackle contemporary issues.

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Jim Stolze

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Jim Stolze is THE innovation expert, tech entrepreneur and expert in artificial intelligence. In collaboration with Elephant Road and RMMBR, he is setting up the largest AI platform for consumers and entrepreneurs!

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Arend Ardon

CREATING MOVEMENT IN ORGANIZATIONS: passionate change expert Arend Ardon guides innovation processes in organizations. He wrote the books Break the Circle! and Ontketen Vernieuwing

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Mike Hoogveld

AGILE MANAGING: Mike Hoogveld is an expert in the field of agile business and lean start-up. He is a partner at Holland Consulting Group and start-up mentor. Being in high demand as a speaker, chairman and workshop leader, Mike Hoogveld focuses on transformation and change every day. Both in the Netherlands and abroad, he is recognized as the top expert in the field of Agile management.

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