Digital Transformation

How can Netflix, Airbnb and Uber turn entire industries upside down in just a few years? The answer lies in the digital transformation they’ve gone through, which has allowed them to grow exponentially. And the great thing is, this isn’t just for the Silicon Valley whiz kids and financiers.

In this program, Jim Stolze explains the characteristics that underlie the well-known succes stories and gives you the tools to grow your organisation exponentially.



Everyone is talking about the major consequences of digitization, but who can really tell me what it is like? Which developments are relevant to me and how do I respond? How do Netflix and Uber grow and is that possible with us? What does this require from my organization and from me? How do I digitize my business processes and what form of leadership does that entail? Jim Stolze guides you through all the answers in this digital program.

When you purchase the online program 'Digital Transformation' you will receive:

  • Year-Long access to the complete online teaching program: 7 tracks full of videos, tests, checklists, assignments and more.
  • Access to a richly filled library full of valuable in-depth material.
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The program consists the following tracks:
At a time when innovative start-ups are sprouting up like mushrooms and basement projects are rapidly growing into billion-dollar companies, it’s not easy to keep your head above water. Not easy, but not impossible: the answer is digital transformation.
Digitising videotapes? Netflix’s digital transformation went beyond streaming films and series. In this track, learn how important a smart algorithm and a global community has been for Netflix’s success.
A successful organisation always starts with someone’s dream. The translation thereof to a higher goal ensures that you stay on course. It is the essential beginning of your ascent to success. But beware: that line doesn’t rise fast right away...
Nowadays, digitisation is essential - but not sufficient. It’s not about data, but about giving value to data. Learn how technologies like AI, Internet of Things and blockchain can make your organisation both data rich and information rich.
More and more work processes are being automated. Just think of repetitive or heavy work and logistic processes. But did you know that you can also use information technologies to talk to customers, for training purposes and even as a sales strategy?
You have a higher goal and at least part of your organisation has been digitised. But to really transform your industry, the right methodologies, organisational culture and contribution from the outside world are essential. Just like your leadership role.
You know what the right tools are, and you can now recite the success stories of others. Better a good copy than a bad original... Right? In this track you will learn that you can’t copy success. But that you, in your own way, can become successful. Even if it may not always seem evident.

Jim became known as the figurehead of TEDx conferences in Europe and far beyond. He is currently a tech-entrepeneur at Amsterdam Science park. Read more about Jim

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